Who is backstage?

Our Team

Valentin Hristov​


Valentin is a digital marketing specialist with experience in social media advertising, e-commerce and funnel building. He is also a founder of nevakids.bg. Valentin’s main hobby is self-improvement and sports.

Elena Hristova

Elena Hristova


Elena comes from a fashion background with design experience in companies like Michael Kors and New Look. She has had a long-lasting interest in self-development and is on a mission to help others improve.

Petyr Radev

Software Engineer

Petyr has more than 7 years of software experience having worked in companies like Paryplay and Smule Inc. His extensive knowledge includes C++ and Java, to name a few.

Radoslav Samardzhiev

Video Expert

With extensive experience in video making and over 200 video projects since Radoslav founded his own company in 2017 he has now attracted global clients like FOX and Accedia.

Anton Zlatev

Graphic Designer

Anton is a graphic designer who specialized in many areas including app design and for the past 8 years has satisfied more than 170 clients including Axis Labs and NFON.

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