When it kicked us one day...

We all do it in one way or another- convince ourselves that this time we are going to stick to that habit and…you know what happens. We never do. You say you’re going to meditate every morning or wake up early to jog until you are in a rush this very time and then it suddenly repeats again- yeah the next day. Chill. We don’t judge. We have been there too. It just kicked us one day how important these little habits are and we kind of had enough of being distracted, not serious enough, unmotivated and, you know, the list is long. We found a way to conquer the habits we want in our life and we want to share it!

How it rolls…

There are a few major problems when starting new habits: we forget about them, we are not motivated enough, or we just don’t take them seriously. HaBeast was born as a solution platform for all of that. Imagine you got some help to create a schedule of small habits to change your everyday. And then you received genuine reminders to keep up the good work. Yes, don’t worry we know that it’s not enough. For that reason, we have let some of your friends in the loop. They will know what you are doing or not- so you are kinda committed now and… you got to be serious! To top it up, when part of a group you earn points for each habit and receive rewards together- which gives you extra motivation. It works. But it wouldn’t without you.

Ready to conquer some habits yet?

What can HaBeast offer you?


Having that kickstarter advice on where to start comes in super handy especially until you figure out where you are going


In case you lack some, HaBeast is there to trick you with a reward, inspiring quote or suggestion to support the group with that extra point


Believe me that feeling at the end of the day when you have completed all habits is incomparable


The only way to move forward is to be completely in the know of what you are doing and what you are not


Skipping that training is not worthed cuz’ the end goal is much bigger. HaBeast is here to remind you that you are greater than your excuses


If you promise yourself you will do it its sounds like a plan. If you promise your friends too, this is when real things happen

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