What is the difference between you and Oprah Winfrey? Sure, she is a billionaire. Sure, she has a show. However these are just the visible materialistic differences and if we take a look at a deeper level we would notice that what sets her and other successful entrepreneurs apart is how they think and what they do on a daily basis. We have picked the top 7 habits that highly successful people have in common. Starting from the core of things is the way to prosper and including these simple but effective daily activities will tremendously help you become a better, more productive and conscious entrepreneur.

1. Wake up early.

Do you know what Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Robert Iger (Disney CEO) have in common? The both wake up at the same time: 4:30 am. The most common top habit of successful entrepreneurs would have to be rising in the short hours. Being awake when the world is still sleeping gives you a great sense of control. You can use the time to learn, create, get inspired, focus, meditate. Anything you wish that will boost your energy, health and productivity.

  • Take small steps
    If you are new to the 5am club then start small. Try to wake up 30 min earlier than the day before until you reach your desired time. It may take awhile but be persistent.
  • Go to bed on time
    Make sure you are not sacrificing any sleep (6-8h) in order to wake up early. You still need your body to rest to be able to function properly.

2. Plan.

Time management is an indispensable part of the daily routine of a successful businessman. You know what they say- If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Entrepreneurs usually run a great deal of processes and know very well they have only 24h per day to complete all of their tasks. Make sure you put in time every morning to plan the work day. Time is an important resource and you need to learn to use it wisely.

  • Write down top 3 priority tasks that need doing
    To help you determine that, use the 80/20 rule. Make a list of which tasks go into the 20% that will bring you 80% of the results/ income?
  • Outsorce help when possible
    Can your spouse or friend give you a hand with something. Can you hire a personal assistant on UpWork to help you with admin so that you can concentrate on the important stuff?


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3. Exercise.

Also known as Hour of Power. Or at least this is how Tony Robbins calls it. Indeed, one of the most important daily habits of successful people one can adopt. Whether it is one hour or 20 minutes- it doesn’t really matter as long as you practice some kind of training everyday. Jogging, boxing, yoga, zumba- anything that gets you moving works- and it works miracles. There is no wonder all successful entrepreneurs exercise- thus they release serotonin and dopamine which boosts happiness levels, creativity and problem-solving skills, helps develop extremely high levels of focus and attention and greatly sharpens the memory.

  • Schedule your workouts
      It doesn’t need to be at the same time everyday (although that would help for adopting the habit quicker), just work around your schedule and put some time (and specific place) when to train, thus you are more obliged to do it
  • Get ready from the day before
      Put your gym gear on the chair or get the yoga mat out ready to be used first thing in the morning, making your environment easy to use and reducing the steps to get the new habit in action really helps

4. Eat healthy.

Entrepreneurs usually carry a company (or more) on their shoulders. In order to be productive, make decisions and perform at their best they need their physical bodies 24/7 and they know it. Unhealthy eating and dehydration can cause low energy levels, fatigue or even worse conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, to mention just a few. Any of these states will not only affect one’s health but also would have a crucial impact on the business. If one is not healthy- they simply cannot run a business successfully.

  • Prep your meals
      Use the Sundays to plan in advance what you will eat during the week and get them meals ready in the fridge so that you don’t waste any time when you need it the most
  • Carry water and snacks
      Always carry a bottle of water and some healthy snacks (like nuts) when you are on the go to ensure you are hydrated and never starving
healthy food top habit

5. Read.

The best habit that promotes entrepreneurial development must be reading. From ELon Musk to Bill Gates (who reads 50 books per year) improving their knowledge is a must do activity everyday. All successful people know that there is constantly more to learn and eagerly are on the search for new information. In addition to expanding their expertises in different areas, people who read daily have stronger analytical thinking skills, are more focused and concentrated and experience less stress.

  • Make a list
      Pick some books that excite you, do your research, see what other successful people are reading, maybe get something you wouldn’t normally read- it may change your point of view
  • Always carry a book
      Nowadays reading is possible even if you don’t have a book. Download some reading apps or carry a kindle/ book with you for the time when you are on the train or when that friend of yours is late. Utilizing your time is key.

6. Reset.

Successful entrepreneurs have busy schedules, however, they know the importance of breaks and time to reset. If you get carried away using your brain (and body) on full steam for a longer period it will wear out its powers and will work at a slower less productive pace. To be able to maximize your mental and physical capacity you will have to adopt the habit of taking breaks, despite the fact that you are busy and have deadlines. Believe me, this is the way to focus and successfully meet them.

  • Make the time for breaks
      Whether it is the pomodoro technique (25min work- 5min break) or any other strategy for dividing you schedule by breaks, make sure you know when to work and when to chill
  • It’s okay to take a day
      Short breaks are super important. However, if you have had a hectic schedule for a while you may occasionally need more than a short break. Take a day. Take two. It will help you reset and gather more energy and power to tackle the tasks when you get back to working.

7. Reflect.

It is quite hard to follow your progress and how far you have gotten if you fail to track and analyze it. One of the very common habits of successful persons to increase their efficiency and effectiveness is journaling. Although we see most entrepreneurs hustling all the time, it is sure they take time everyday to step back and have an inner dialog with their inner self, reflecting what they have achieved, what didn’t work so well, what they are grateful for and where they can improve. Journaling is one of the best proven ways to set up a system that helps you improve only by analyzing your path.

  • Write it down
      On paper! The movement of your hand when writing with pen (not typing) has greater connection with your subconscious and can help you come up with answers to your queries easily
  • Make conclusions
      If you only go through your day will also have positive effect releasing suppressed emotions and negative vibes, however if you want to be efficient analyze and make decisions what steps to be taken for improvement/ solving issues
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We would love to share with you a habit cheat sheet with top tips on how to adopt any habit super easy. Leave your email to join our community and receive complimentary habit advice.

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