Up to 60% of our body is water. We just need it to function normally. Did you know that 90% of headaches experienced globally are caused by dehydration. This is how important water is. We are all aware we should drink water, but, do we really know how? Continue reading to find out when is the best and the worst time to drink water and how much we should drink, indeed. You will find some useful tips at the end on how to make drinking water easy.


There is a great deal of statistics and information all over the media on how much water one should drink per day. However, when coming to a concluson we should take into account our health condition, body, sex, metabolism … to mention a few. It is quite a complex summation when calculating the exact amount of water one should consume. And, frankly, quite unnecessary. If you make sure you drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres throughout the day, this should be enough to keep you hydrated. If you are not used to drinking that much yet, make sure you increase the intake amount gradually. This way your body will not adopt easily.


It is actually quite simple to remember. Always on an empty stomach. Never when you eat. Not a lot of people are aware that we should drink water at least 30 minutes before a meal and no earlier than 1 hour after do bear in mind that (time frames differ on individuals and their body types). This way the water goes freely throughout the body and can be alkalized, otherwise it is acidized. When you eat, your stomach acids need to be occupied with breaking down the food, however, if you add water, it just gets way more complicated. You are not getting the best of the water and overexploiting your body.
The best time to drink a large amount of water is straight after you wake up. When you sleep your body doesn’t and is using water to function. By drinking water first thing in the morning you are hydrotizing and energizing but also making sure your organs have sufficient intake of H2O. Keeping a glass of water next to your night shelf always helps as a reminder.


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Clean water is the best type, obviously. However, let’s take a moment to figure out what clean water is. For sure it’s not the one you buy from the store. Bottled water is acidic with PH is between 6.5 and 7 and it’s not recommended for daily use (no use at all to be honest). The good news is you can make clean alkaline water at home. Here are 2 simple steps how to:

1. Pour water from your sink into a kettle or a bottle in the evening and by the morning the chlore in the water would be precipitated.
2. Just move carefully ⅔ from the water to another container and bring it to boil (only up until small bubbles appear on the surface).

This is called cold boiling, known for keeping the structure of water molecules in their natural shape for 24h. The described above type of water is clean and live and supports tremendously your health.
If it is too much for you to do all the time, buy a filter jug for the times when you feel lazy.


Let’s make one thing clear. Drinking other liquids cannot be counted as a substitution for water intake. Here is the deal: our cells would only accept pure clean water. Exactly this type of water (as we discussed above) should be consumed daily in sufficient amounts. Highly mineralized water, fizzy drinks, any other liquids different from clean water, are extremely unhealthy and dangerous. The cells can recognize when liquids are not pure and are obliged to clean them. I would think twice even for drinking coffee and tea. Despite the fact that they provide us with a temporary wave of energy, they increase the lack of water in the body and cause dehydration.


Also known as the best method to make sure your acidic/alkaline balance is right. It has been proved that this once a day morning intake of lemon water can alkalize the body and support the digestive system. And it is easy to make: half a lemon (or whole, depending its size) squeezed in a glass of hot water. As easy as it sounds. Adding this to your water drinking routine can have a great impact on your health.

Extra advice

  • Carry a reusable bottle with you all the time
  • Keep a glass of water on your night shelf
  • Use a water tracking app
  • Add lemon and fruits to your water to spice it up
  • Set goals and revise your performance
  • Get reminders
  • Try improving with a friend (it will keep your motivation going longer)

In a nutshell, it is important to pay attention not only what kind of water we drink but also when we drink it. These little adjustments can go a long way and improve our overall wellbeing. Use our cheatsheet to help you adopt drinking water or any other habit you would like to. Pssst, it’s completely free.

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We would love to share with you a habit cheat sheet with top tips on how to adopt any habit super easy. Leave your email to join our community and receive complimentary habit advice.

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