Top 20 good habits

 The person you are today is based on the habits you have adopted throughout the years. How successful you are, your health, your mood, how happy you are, your appearance… all of that is a result of the small actions you take every day. Whatever you do repeatedly determines your life. If you engage with unhealthy and destructive habits, your life may be damaged and turn you into a negative and unhappy person. However, if you implement more beneficial behaviour patterns, the quality of your emotional, physical and material life will dramatically lift and you will experience positive changes. If you start now taking conscious control of your actions and make a firm decision to improve your lifestyle, the results will appear sooner rather than later. Below is a list of top 20 good habits that can turn your life around and have an extremely positive effect.

1. Wake up early.

Becoming an early riser, among other amazing benefits, can greatly improve your concentration and productivity. Many highly successful people wake up super early in the morning and say this habit has a tremendous impact on their focus levels and accomplishments. By getting up before the sun, you can really enjoy a balanced morning and increased concentration that will contribute to your productivity and overall well being.

2. Get enough sleep.

Waking up early is a great habit to adopt, however, without having the right amount of sleep, it will be worthless to force yourself to become an early bird. Getting enough hours of sleep is extremely important and it affects not only your levels of focus but your health as well. Treating yourself with the needed rest can not only boost your mood and improve your emotional condition but strengthen your immune system. Therefore, if you have decided to wake up at 6, make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time.

3. Keep learning.

Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington are well known to have always been curious to learn and explore new information and ideas. Your self-development really depends on your willingness to explore new fields of knowledge or to improve an existing one. Reading a book, watching a YouTube video, listening to a podcast… it can literally take as much as 20 minutes of your time. All it takes is the desire to keep expanding your learning curve.

4. Prioritize.

First things first. Make sure you are clear with what your priorities are and tackle all the important tasks first. Of course, do not forget having social time and leisure activities. However, it is essential to push aside everything that does not align with your goals. Remember- in case something doesn’t add value or meaning your emotional, spiritual, or physical life, then it is probably not urgent.

5. Develop resilience.

It is okay not to be okay. Making it a habit not to judge yourself when you are experiencing a difficult time and developing resilience can hugely help you to fight back whenever you’re confronting a challenging situation. By developing a strong mental capacity to deal with uncomfortable times, you can better concentrate on solving the issues and going back to your happier state of mind.


6. Practice gratitude.

This is one of the most powerful habits you could acquire. Making it an everyday action to practise gratitude will not only boost your happiness but make you more present and aware.

7. Visualize.

A great deal of the world’s top performers claim that they practice visualization on a regular basis. Taking a few minutes to imagine yourself being successful, healthy, rich, and happy can really help train your subconscious.

8. Think positive.

You are your thoughts. By thinking positive, you become more reluctant to come up with solutions when facing challenges or difficult times. Also, it is true, when you keep your thoughts bright you will attract circumstances, people and things that respond to your positive vibration. Not to mention, the rest of the benefits like improved overall health and reduced stress.

9. Read.

A great deal of the leaders and very successful people admit that they read every day. Whether it is to learn something new, to train your brain to develop or to get new ideas for your personal and professional life, this habit will definitely have a great impact on your life.

10. Meditate.

Meditation is one of the most powerful habits to have. It is scientifically proven that by meditating for just a few minutes a day you can decrease stress levels and reduce depression. It is a great tool to train and calm your mind in order to be more mindful and present.

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11. Exercise.

It is scientifically proven that daily exercises bring you not only great physical outcomes but also improve your mental health and overall activities. By practicing regularly, you can boost your creativity and energy and get new fresh perception on current issues. It might be quite tempting to postpone trainings for tomorrow so setting small daily goals can be a great place to start from.

12. Network.

“Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are”. Despite the fact that the saying is quite subjective, it is true that the people around you can affect you in a great way. Having a positive and supportive surrounding is of high importance for your personal development. For that reason, setting everyday goals to spend time with positive people or attend events and activities where you can meet such, can be extremely beneficial.

13. Make room for something new.

Without the desire to let go, there is no room for improvement and growth. As it often happens, in order to make space for the new, you will have to drop the old. The idea does not only apply to habits- replacing bad ones with the good new ones. It can also be applied to almost every aspect of your life. Making it a daily thing to clear out something old before you replace it – like giving away that pair of shoes you don’t really wear before you buy a new one- will definitely help you soak the principle well and easily use it for the big stuff- changing beliefs and habits.

14. Eat healthy.

Your physical condition is immensely linked to your emotional and mental state. Including a healthy diet in your daily regime can benefit not only your overall health but also boost energy, put you in a positive mood and increase your productivity.

15. Stretch regularly.

This is one of the easiest habits to conquer but still can have a vast positive impact. Whether you do it at sunrise, at work or just before bed, it is a great way of physical activity that helps you deal with modern life situations- like sitting in a chair the whole day.

16. Write.

Expressing daily your thoughts on paper (or digitally) can significantly help you understand yourself and thus improve and grow. Clearing your mind, letting out any held emotions, expressing happiness and gratitude- all of that makes you more aware of your personality and helps you see how to move forward.

17. Smile more often.

Just smile. Everyday. A lot. It will make you happy. It will make others happy.

18. Hot and cold showers

Everyone likes a nice warm shower. However, scientists have proved that if you switch the shower from hot to cold for a few minutes, while practising deep breathing, you will definitely strengthen your immune system. As mentioned a few times above, your physical state is closely linked to everything else- emotions, mentality, and spirituality. You improve one- you improve the rest.

19. Water with lemon.

It is common knowledge that drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, if you make it a habit to drink a glass of water mixed with natural lemon juice in the morning, it will boost your energy, aid digestion and cleanse your system. Just a small amount of the benefits that go with it.

20. Affirmations

Psychologists are arguing that our subconscious can be retrained and reprogrammed. The way to do so is by repeating affirmations regularly. They could be as simple as “I love myself the way I am” but can definitely affect our perception in a positive manner.

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