heabeast habit app tracker

Compete with friends using this super easy and free habit tracker​

HaBeast is an user-friendly app project that aims to help you step in and own the full potential of becoming the best version of yourself. It guides you build new better habits and lets you be part of a social group for extra motivation.  The app is expected to be released in the beginning of 2020. Join the exclusive former community now and receive one-off early-bird offers.

Motivate and be motivated!

Мove forward

Create groups, collect points together and get rewards

Get together

Follow each other’s progress to keep the motivation up, it’s hard to fall off track when you know someone is watching


Get a fresh start every week and a new chance to be the winner

Habeast app - social network for habits
habeast habit tracker- stats

Track effortlessly

Follow the progress

Get a clear overview of your progress for the month

Check in

Super easy way to mark each completed habit, just one click, that’s it

Get better

Make a note of which habits you are skipping and do something about it

Take your pick

Browse categories like mindfulness, sports, eating and make your selection

Get advice

Based on the categories you want to improve on, HaBeast will give you suggestions on what habits you could adopt, you know, saving you that research


In case you want to add a habit that is super specific to you, like drinking ginger tea or listening to good old Tony Robbins on youtube, you can

Make it yours

customized habits for your needs

Be the first to know

The release date is coming soon… stay informed and receive one-off offers. Join the HaBeast community now.